An Introduction to Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy: How To Implement It & Succeed Brilliantly

Deanna Murray

BuildAutomate’s Director of Digital Strategy, Deanna Murray will instruct this class, based on curriculum she developed utilizing her practical, real-world experience with Brand Strategy.

We depend on digital communication and employ digital solutions within our businesses. So why is Digital Strategy thought to be a new form of marketing?

For those of us who have been immersed in online media and business planning, it isn’t. It is an art form honed and perfected into a fine-tuned machine delivering impactful and measurable results on a regular basis. What makes great digital marketers stand out from the rest is their attention to detail, ability to change when facts demand it and clearly-defined goals and outcome assessment.

Don’t be fooled into thinking digital strategy is all about social media and blog posts. In fact, this is only one small piece to a larger puzzle that can be and should be a critical to your business.

Our 2-day crash course will not only give you the ins and outs of digital strategy as it is defined today, but will equip you with the knowledge you need to spot emerging trends and benefit from them early on. We will also teach you how to be discerning in your resources when it comes to the large array of digital opportunities available and help you focus in on what can and will work for your business.

At the end of this course you will:

  • Understand What Digital Strategy Is
  • Know How It Applies To Your Business
  • Understand What Areas of Digital Media You Should Focus On
  • Understand What It Takes to Create a Digital Strategy
  • Understand How to Plan a Digital Strategy
  • Know How to Implement a Digital Strategy
  • Understand How to Communicate This Strategy To All Key Stakeholders & Get Their Buy-In
  • Be Able to Discern Between Fad and Fact in Emerging Digital Platforms
  • Know How to Analyze Results & Adjust Accordingly
  • Know How to Communicate Results to Upper Management & Educate Them On Successes & Learnings
  • Evaluate Results & Use Results to Get Additional Resources If Needed

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