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Vaughn Bullard at Versailles

Bullard Discusses Cloud Computing Risks In ‘Beyond Insurance’


There is only one better teacher than experience — and industry expert with experience, willing to share his knowledge.  BuildAutomate’s CEO and Founder, Vaughn Bullard, has developed an intense, 1-week training course to help individuals and organizations fully understand how to understand and use cloud computing to advance organizations and build businesses.

This class, designed and developed by Mr. Bullard, will give students a foundation and hands-on experience with various elements of the cloud computing paradigm.

Cloud computing services are being adopted by a growing number of fields as organizations are recognizing the benefits in terms of flexibility, elasticity and reduced upfront costs and carbon footprint.

The course will provide students with a thorough treatment of cloud computing and its applicability to commercial IT development and research computing needs. Discussions will cover topics related to cloud infrastructure and software stack, programming models such as MapReduce and Pregel; underlying distributed storage layers like HDFS and HBase), as well as enabling technologies such as virtualization. Students will be exposed to various cloud frameworks and libraries like Mahout, Pig, and Hive.

Since this is a project-based course, we will explore project design, management, implementation, testing and reporting/analytics. Students will also gain hands-on experience with a public cloud service, Amazon EC2, S3 and EBS, and will utilize it to lease and provision compute and storage resources and then program and deploy applications using these resources.

Students will also use the Hadoop framework to solve large-scale data-intensive problems and then analyze the performance characteristics in the class project.

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