Why You Need a Brand Strategy Now

Identify & Build A Brand That Delivers Results

Deanna Murray

BuildAutomate’s Director of Digital Strategy, Deanna Murray.

This 2-day seminar will instruct you on the importance of your brand and why what your business does is unique and deserves its own identity. Cookie-cutter businesses with cliché taglines don’t belong on the signs of the businesses you are trying to carve out as individual and customer-worthy.

It’s important to focus in on what your company does and why it should be trusted and hired by customers. Statistics show online consumers spend less than 1 minute on each site when looking for a product or a service. That’s the only chance you have to instill trust, confidence and results to a ready-and-waiting consumer base.

In our course, you will learn:

  • Why Brand Identity Is Important
  • How to Focus Your Brand to Stand Out
  • What It Takes to Make a Brand
  • Brand Creation 101
  • Building Strategies & Sticking To Them
  •  Evaluating Results & Determining Next Steps

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