CMS Plugins Automation

Automation Of Stand-Alone Plugins To Work Together, Giving Desired Results

process autoWhile we fully support and embrace the adoption of off-the-shelf Content Management System (CMS) such as Drupal or WordPress, sometimes the very trait making the systems great can make it difficult for a business to use them.

With the open-source plugin community and module development within these large CMS platforms, and the majority of developers who contribute to them (Build.Automate among them), plugins needed to perform singular tasks can indeed be found. Unfortunately, the developmental differences within each plugin make it difficult for those tasks to communicate with each other to achieve a unified result. This shortfall makes it impossible for a business to get unified reporting or a clear picture of user experience, website optimization, user task completion and most importantly, task efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

At Build.Automate, our CMS Advisers come in and take a thorough look at your systems. We evaluate how they now run, are implemented and how they are deficient. We then listen to what your ‘dream outcome’ would be by understanding what you like and don’t like in regards to your current implementation.

As part of the plugin and module development community, we understand the inner workings of each platform code base and are apt at creating intuitive solutions to solve even the most difficult problems.¬†Whether it be many plugins talking together to give full-service reporting or tweaking a plugin that isn’t quite getting the job done for you, our staff is fully capable of showing you how to carry out your tasks.

Your CMS Adviser will outline your desired outcome, build a recommendation based on your business needs. It will include technical requirements, full project timeline and more for you to look over, discuss and fully understand.