Content Creation Management & Strategy

Create With Purpose: Know When & Why You Are Generating Content

Content Creation And Delivery StrategyWhy is developing Content Creation & Strategy so important? Businesses everywhere are jumping on the content bandwagon touting ‘Content Is King.’ Unfortunately, not all of these content-generating ventures know why they are doing it and to what end.

Developing a strategy surrounding your content is a task based on careful evaluation of target market research, gaps in content readily available to the target audience as well as discernment in market saturation.

Build.Automate’s Content Creation Management & Strategy Solutions include:

  • Complete evaluation of your content needs
  • Complete analysis of your content capabilities
  • Full SEO integration and implementation
  • Thorough strategy document outlining what is to be accomplished with your content and how to do it
  • Content Styleguide and Brand Voice Guidelines
  • Sustainability plan to help maintain your content
  • Implementation and Evaluation of Analytics pertinent to content success
  • Promotional plan for Social Media and other types of promotion placements to advance content reach
  • Thorough training and oversight

The Content Advisers at Build.Automate are highly skilled in digital content creation and delivery strategy and have worked at some of the largest media companies in the world. We bring not only experience in the content industry to the table but also an eye for understanding your very specific content needs.

Through careful deliberation, we will work with you to create a content plan including a content calendar outlining a strategy of growth associated with it. The calendar includes check-ins to check the impact of the items created and allows for assessment and adjustment based on results. Your plan will also include your content delivery strategy, which is also evaluated at intervals to make sure we are getting your message in front of the right people. Again, assessment and adjustments are made based on results.

Our Content Advisers will become, in short order, experts in delivering content to your current and much desired audience and help you achieve the product reach and reputation your company craves. We will also train your staff to understand what to look for within content metrics, guidelines and SEO to understand and interpret future results, allowing for professional growth and brand understanding.