Content Delivery Automation

Your News & Announcements In Front Of The Right Audience At The Right Time

social-media-content-strategy-225The writing, editing, publishing and consumption of content has quickly become one of the main ways a business remains top-of-mind to a busy, advertising-adverse consumer.

Between the publishing of website content, then pushing those updates to social media outlets, it becomes difficult to register whether the efforts are being warmly received and are having any effect on the bottom line.

Being able to have your content delivery automated, down to the very day of the week and time of day will not only allow you greater audience penetration but also free up valuable time that could be dedicated to taking a deep dive into important audience metrics.

Having a well-defined delivery mechanism for all content updates and the platforms it is being delivering to, is paramount when it comes to making sure your message is getting to the right place at the right time. Add into the mix accurate and full-proof metrics and how to interpret those metrics and you can surely be certain you are providing your audience with what it wants and needs to keep their interest in your offerings.

Build.Automate’s Content Advisers are seasoned in the fields of all media types – including print and broadcast — and are experts in understanding the importance of digital content delivery — down to the specific times and days of the week content should be delivered. Once your Content Adviser understands the full breadth of your content offerings or of what you hope to offer — the adviser will make professional and proven suggestions on scheduling, delivery, automation solutions, metrics insights and more.

Remember: You company may produce the valuable content. But if it isn’t getting in front of the right audience, it is useless to your business.