Content Development

Schedule, Generate & Publish Content Your Audience Depends On


Content development  is the careful and thoughtful creation of meaningful information, crafted to help your audience understand your products, services and other offerings. But it strips away the sales pitch and places your products, services and offerings in a positive light to create meaning and demand behind it.

Statistics show that while companies have overwhelmingly adopted and accepted the need for content development, only 10 percent of businesses have a strategy behind it.

Within that 10 percent,  less than 1 percent of the audiences driven to those sites is actually consuming content and making a justifiable transaction. In short — content is being created for content sake and it is wasting time, money and valuable brand resources.

A true content development plan not only allows for the creation of great content on time, it also takes into account your online traffic trends, market analysis and all cross–promotional opportunities each content piece has to offer. It allows for flexibility and change based on real-time audience acceptance of the content and the media attached to it.

Content is much more than posting on Social Media and sending out coupons — it is a sure way to get people coming back to your website again and again — not only for valuable information but for continuous purchases.

Whether you need help creating your content in-house or want us to create it for you, our Content Advisers can answer all your content questions. Our Advisers have worked at many of the top media companies in North America. They’re specialists at gauging trends, interpreting analytics and will help you discern what the right content course is for your company.  We will not only help you figure out what your audience wants but show you how to deliver it in the most effective, doable way.