Content Management Systems

It’s One Thing To Have Content, But Another To Have Managed Content, Easily Accessed

Content-Management-SystemWith the wealth of Content Management Systems (CMS) on the market today, it is hard to know what is the perfect fit for your business. Where most go wrong is thinking the system used to publish the company website doesn’t have to meet every need of the company — just the majority of them.

Many fall into this trap and find within a few months time, they’ve outgrown their system and have to scramble for a fix to accommodate ever-growing content and publishing needs.

Those specializing in content creation will tell you the capabilities of the system used to publish and manage this content is just as important as the content itself. For if it doesn’t accurately draft, edit, publish, display, tag, categorize and archive content for the consumption of your web audience, you might as well not even publish it. Let’s face it: You produce content to be seen. It’s just that simple.

Further complicating the CMS-decision process is the need for fully optimized content pages to not only render within search engines but also appear within various social media channels. Throw into the mix the need for reliable web analytics and the importance of multi-browser rendering as well as easily adaptable templates and it becomes increasingly obvious a full understanding of multiple CMS platforms is needed to make an informed decision.

Many companies find themselves choosing a CMS solely on the experience of their web and content staff. And while past experience is indeed relevant, it is the need to look to future expansion and content needs which requires a full and unbiased evaluation be done before committing to a system.

Whether your needs require out-of-the-box solutions such as  Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, LiveBall or a custom-built Content Management System, Build.Automate’s CMS Advisers are experts at helping you prioritize and evaluate your present and future content needs. Through an analysis of your needs, the CMS Adviser will help you make an informed decision in regards to your content management system. We feel it is important to not only make sure your system provides what you need right now but also will serve its purpose as your content needs grow with your business.

Our CMS Advisers are available to assist you on a contract basis to help determine your CMS need and work on various lengths to meet your needs and budget.

Building A Customized Content Management System

Through thorough analysis, should our CMS Advisers discover your publishing needs require a customized CMS solution, we employ some of the top systems architects from around the world who know how to craft a proprietary but open system that will not only grow with your needs but with your audience.

An evaluation of your digital strategy, online marketing plans, analytics needs, editorial calendar and IT capabilities will allow Build.Automate’s CMS Advisers to gather all your requirements. The Adviser will then present your custom-build options through detailed Product Requirement Documents (PRDs), Technical Requirement Documents (TRDs) and Design Requirement Documents (DRDs). These much-needed manuals will outline all of the business requirements you have stipulated to the adviser and will also showcase a project timeline, various check-ins as you are comfortable as well as a fully-vetted testing and launch cycle.

Through excellent project management, communication between your company liason and Build.Automate CMS Adviser, we will work towards a timely and innovative deployment. Once deployed, we offer full training to those using the system at various publishing levels (writers, editors, admins, etc) as well as technical support training to your in-house team so they can service and build upon the system if needed.