Content Reach Analysis

Evaluate The Value & Impact Of The Content You’re Producing And Publishing

content-analysis-whiteContent takes on many forms in today’s digital world and being able to truly discern whether your business is receiving benefit — or being hurt — from the content being generated is more valuable than ever.

Those in content development circles know it is not about the quantity of content being published but about the quality. And it should be understood that with every content push, comes a need for precise evaluation of metrics in association to the specific piece of content.

True content-driven sites such as network media and online news sites pour over numbers in real-time and wordsmith headlines to increase reach and clickability. These changes impact numbers immediately and are pertinent to the business at hand. While not everyone needs to check their posts at this level, every business does need to understand how their content is being consumed and if it is having an impact — whether it be positive or negative.

Build.Automate’s Content Advisors can help. Through careful evaluation of reporting systems being used and determining the efficiency and accuracy of these systems, our content specialists can spot positive and negative trends in your content delivery stream.  We can help you find topics of content getting the most results, the types you should stay away from and at what intervals content should be delivered.

The data also will show how often content should be delivered to your audience and what outlets are most useful — whether it be content sharing with other websites or social media opportunities.

Other insights gained through a content reach analysis include being able to identify growth strategies surrounding content creation, the outline of an editorial calendar based on audience interests and also audience trends to be aware of — including seasonality and other factors causing behavioral changes in content consumption.

Our Content Advisers are here to help you understand your audience and to make sure you are not just creating content for content sake. We understand the value of your time and resources and want to make sure they are used wisely and to the most benefit.