Digital Strategy Analytics Interpreted

Breaking Down What’s Working & What’s Not In Your Digital Space

Digital Strategy AnalyticsToday, companies spend countless dollars on the creation and execution of a digital strategy but the follow-through to interpret the success or failure of the strategy isn’t always met with the same vigor.

The interpretation of Digital Strategy Analytics goes beyond the basic reading of numbers, breaking down of trends and assessing of brand positions. It is looking historically, presently and into the future all the while deciding whether real-time adjustments should be made or a strategy reworked.

Based on your strategy and your end goals, the specialists at Build.Automate will help determine when analytical readings are indeed sound through determining your sample size and sample time period. We will look at the hard and fast numbers, but also at competitor information to get see what the overall landscape of your business’s consumer base.

Build.Automate specialists are trained in SalesForce, Eloqua, Vocus, ConstantContact, Omniture, Google Analytics, ComScore and many, many more reporting suites. We also have access to proprietary trade tools which capture data in several major verticals.

We understand the cost and resources used to constantly train and employ qualified professionals to create and implement business-changing strategies. By contracting your Digital Strategy Analytics needs to Build.Automate, you are guaranteeing your company will employ the most qualified of contractors with cutting-edge knowledge and data skills — everything you need to encourage market growth and consumer satisfaction within your industry.

Build.Automate’s Digital Strategy Analytics Advisers are available to you on a contract basis or on retainer. Contact us today to talk about your options.