Email Marketing Automation

Gathering, Sorting & Reaching Consumers Seamlessly, Automatically

Email Marketing AutomationWith more and more companies offering email marketing automation through tools, templates and lists, it is difficult to decide the relevance and purity of the offerings. In the past, the gathering of valid consumer interest lists are with email attack bots and SPAM controls.

Businesses are turning to the creation of proprietary consumer email collection systems to guarantee the validity and value of data gathered. While this can be a simple system utilizing databases and spreadsheets, there is a level of complexity and legality with opt outs, the sharing of data and more.

The Digital Strategy Advisers and System Specialists at Build.Automate have developed, implemented and maintained systems specializing in the automation of email marketing data collection for countless years. We understand the importance of a qualified email lead and how important it is for you to respect the privacy of an person who decides against receiving future communications from you.

While the number of standard email marketing offerings are many, a custom solution guarantees your ability to stand out in the crowd with special templates, lists gathered and parsed how you think necessary and other uses that will benefit the specific needs of your company.

Through listening and understanding your needs, Build.Automate can create for you a unparallelled solution that will work for you. We are here to help you gain ground within your market.