Email Marketing Analytics

Understanding The Importance of What You Send & When You Send It

Email Marketing AnalyticsEmail marketing analytics are some of the most depressing numbers when it comes to marketing campaigns. It’s almost a universally accepted fact bounce rates will be up there, delete rates high and we cross our fingers for only a small percentage of unsubscribes.

But if you’re only looking at these numbers at face value, you’re not seeing the big picture impact on your company. Email marketing numbers say so much more. While the activity numbers are truly interpreted correctly, there are other messages inside those actions. These speak to content, validity of your list. Demographic information and more.

The Digital Strategy Analytics specialists at Build.Automate have clocked hundreds upon hundreds of hours in email marketing and in interpreting this data. Based on your past, present and futuristic data. coupled with that of available competitor info and industry information, we can help you understand exactly what is happening in this space between your company and the consumer.

Through data analysis, Build.Automate can help you gain understanding into this commonly misused consumer access point. Our Digital Strategy Advisers stand at the ready.