Public Relations

Getting Your Business In the News In Positive, Meaningful Ways

Media & Press ManagementMedia & Press Management is an important part of business that many neglect or simply ignore.

The Media has no problem finding out all about your business when the impact is negative. But the good stuff? The information and innovation that can put you on the map? Having media outlets publish, feature and expand upon all that’s great in your business — whether it be new products launched, new hires or even business expansion — is a little more tricky. It takes people with insight into the industry who know how to make things happen and play the angles.

The Media & Press Management Advisers at Build.Automate are former journalists from major newspapers, major TV stations and more including radio and digital media. They work hard to not only frame your information in an engaging light but also keep an eye out for important opportunities in which your expertise could be useful. It’s in these opportunities we strive to set you apart from your competitors and get you the much-needed exposure you and your company deserve.

Our media management services include:

  • Creation of News and Information Calendar based on your product/business calendar.
  • Brainstorming, creation, editing of Press Releases to be sent to major news outlets within your area and vertical.
  • Daily scouring of reporter websites in attempt to find opportunities to share your expertise in major publications.
  • Grassroots efforts analyzing and submitting your business in online directories and trades where you are most likely not listed but should be.
  • Analytics and deep-dive look at all media exposure to check what is working and what isn’t and refine the calendar and approaches used.

You may not think your business has media appeal. But that’s simply not true. Our Media and Press Management Advisers will find it, capitalize on it and make your business shine in the press. We’ll get you the attention you need to stand out in the market and thrive.