Social Media & Customer Response Management

Building a Community of Interest & A Reputation of Customer Service

Social Media and Customer Response ManagementAlmost every business participates in social media in some way. Where most go wrong is not actually thinking through their Social Media approach and using it in a thoughtful, meaningful way to engage and attract customers to your brand and business. When used properly, Social Media can become a showcase for your brand information and company news versus something done as an afterthought.

Tie the importance of Social Media communications into the constant necessity to manage customer responses and the two become an aspect of your business so centric to success, it is impossible to ignore.

The Social Media and Customer Response Management services at Build.Automate include:

  • Thorough evaluation of what you are doing
  • Assessment of what’s working and what’s not
  • Evaluate relevant Social Media platforms & how best to use them for your business
  • Identify touch points within business for digital interaction with customers
  • Develop strategy to respond to and engage customers

The Social Media and Customer Response Management Advisers at Build.Automate are experts in full integration of social media and in the timely and correct management of your customer’s concerns and questions through social media, blog comments and form entries. Through a thorough understanding and important research of your business and the goals you have for it, our Social Media & Customer Response Management Advisers will create a plan outlining who you should be targeting through social media, the platforms you should use to do it and also how often it should be done. We will expertly help you deploy the plan and evaluate the results