Who We Are

Who We Are: Our Specialists Are Here To Help

vaughnbullardBuildAutomate is a professional agency of IT and marketing professionals who specialize in helping you succeed in your business. Our consulting firm’s expertise lies in knowing how to help you optimize your business, regardless of the size of your company.

Through strategic and thorough evaluation of a business, BuildAutomate helps clients streamline processes  to work more efficiently, save time and money all while preparing for future growth.

The areas where we can offer help are endless. We pride ourselves in being able to look at a client’s needs holistically and without bias. We can assist in formulating and implementing strategic process optimization plans, end-to-end product innovation plans as well as many other planning milestones. We can help you take your business to the next level — tell us your vision and we’ll help you plan for it and make it happen.

BuildAutomate sells expertise and peace of mind.  We do this by offering superb customer service and by providing consulting services and products expertly designed and professionally delivered on the most up-to-date computing technologies — including Cloud, SOA, CMS, Social Media and more.

Our consultants are experts in their fields and have a broad range of skillsets including foreign languages and oral and written communications skills. And each and every one is dedicated to making sure our clients are 100 percent satisfied before we hand off our products.

Also, when a client reaches out and then signs a maintenance contract with us, we are now offering complimentary web site and system audits. These audits give clients a look at their web pages, their optimization levels and any issues our audit has found. If the client allows us, we can then bid on fixing the areas we have outlined in the audit. Our audits include but aren’t limited to: site/SEO optimization, load and stress testing, site usability and browser testing.