Automate Your
Entire Business

Automation is the cornerstone for innovation. Innovation leads to growth. 


Automate Everything You Do

Maybe your business processes work for you, or they don’t; but you know it can be better. You know you need change to grow. This is where we come in. 

Innovation is at the crux of future growth. However growth can be hard when your faced with finite resources. Automating your business processes to reduce costs and overhead are key. Build.Automate can automate your business and ensure your innovation.


Most business processes are overtly complex; designed to fit the systems they run on, not the problem they are trying to solve. We simplify these processes.


Standardizing rules and their granularity is important in ensuring your processes can grow with your business. 


Your business processes must adapt to an ever changing business environment. Designing them that way from the start is key.

Error Elimination

Interactively eliminating errors before and after are essential in ensuring that your business processes are agile and can continuously handle exceptions.


Defining the granularity is important for scalability. The ability to re-use even the smallest business processes is paramount.

Training for the Future

Empowering and training developers and operators in your business will ensure institutional knowledge stays where it belongs. 

Why Clients Choose Build.Automate

Every client has different needs, wants, and goals for their business. Some clients need just a new website for their business. However, our clients have a broad range of needs from websites to back office systems. We are a top web design agency with deep back office integration, process, and automation experience.  See the many ways we help our clients succeed.

Our Trademarked Process And Workflow

We have built systems for thousands of clients over our 12 years in business. We've learned a thing or two on that journey and we're happy to share them here with you.

Our trademarked processes and workflows ensure your systems launch on time and on budget. We are a client-centric technology firm, learning your needs and wants to ensure you are exceedingly happy with the end result.

In-Depth Research

We learn everything there is to know about your business and goals.


We design your systems to be beautiful and future proof.


We build the most operationally perfect systems to meet your business goals.


We manage the launch before and after; not just a simple handover of your website.

Let's Work Together

Have an idea but not sure where to start? Let us know. We can help you shape that idea and get you rolling on it.

The following services are out of scope for our managed WP Pro Support plans. If you don’t see it, call us, we offer a ton of services that can be done once or on a regular schedule.



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