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AWS Provides the Most Scalable, Reliable, and Flexible Cloud Platform

Developing sites on a cloud platform requires more than air and water, figuratively speaking. Amazon Web Services’ cloud platform provides the most secure, hardened for providing secure hosting.

Build.Automate has the know how and solutions capability experience to give clients the peace of mind that their WordPress site is secure and managed tightly.


The true power of WordPress is its openness, but that comes with a price. Despite this openness, a secure WordPress site out of the box just doesn’t happen. It takes years of experience and learning the ins and outs of fending off hackers and nefarious state actors.

Securing your WordPress solution starts with having a hardened and secured WordPress cloud platform that acts as a bastion to bad actors. It doesn’t stop there. is an everyday activity for WordPress. Build.Automate can not only deploy a secure solution, but continuously keep it secure.


Solutions Must Have Substantial on

When customers and clients can’t trust your system to protect their data, how can you expect them to do business on your WordPress site? Thinking about security from the start requires a vigilant attention to detail about how your users will interact, where data and what kind of data is stored, and protections that you will put in place to secure that data. When that solution is continuously secure, you will begin to see true Return on Investment.

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