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Running a business online is more than piecing together a few web pages together; it requires forethought, strategy, design, engineering, marketing, implementation, reliability, and security.

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Luke Bryan & Zac Brown Buzz Is Lesson In Good Marketing

“I love Luke Bryan and he’s had some great songs, but this new song is the worst song I’ve ever heard,” said Zac Brown of country music’s Zac Brown Band. “I know Luke, he’s a friend. ‘[That's] My Kinda Night’ is one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard.” As a...

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Older Job Seekers: Show Why Experience Matters

There is this defining moment in one of my all-time favorite Chick Flicks when Kathy Bates’ character, Evelyn Couch in ‘Fried Green Tomatoes’ plows into the car of some young, beautiful and incredibly snobby girls who have just whipped into a parking spot Bates’ was...

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Detect Early: Signs Of A Bonehead Boss

A bonehead boss. If there’s anything you can count on when you’re an up-and-coming professional, it’s that you’ll have one. Apparently, it’s a rite of passage for any competent, highly skilled go-getter who is destined for greatness in her field. The antics of...

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Let’s Talk Business — ‘Duck Dynasty’ Style

There are very few places I can go these days without seeing something giving props to the Louisiana Redneck Moguls who make up ‘Duck Dynasty.’ Even my very own son walks around wearing a shirt saluting Si Robertson and I have found myself having real conversations...

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Swimming with Sharks: A Lesson In Crisis Management

I’m a runner and I like to compete in marathons and triathlons when time allows.  Triathlon training requires cross training on a bicycle, swimming and running. One morning, I was running from my apartment along Collins Avenue in Miami.  It was not a particularly hot...

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When All Fails, Optimism Is The Best Motivator

As an entrepreneur, I've often been asked how I can deal with the many rejections business owners have to face on a daily basis. Am I blind not to see the warning signs? Am I scared of the risk of not gaining business? How will I survive? I don't think that I am any...

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Networking & Dating: Equally Uncomfortable But Necessary

Networking events are, for all comparative purposes, not that different from the dating scene. A person goes around to people they don’t really know. When they get up the nerve, they walk up to someone and try to start a conversation with small talk. If it goes well...

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Build.Automate’s CEO Featured in BPEL Articles

As a well-known expert in the field and having had a hand in writing the standards in regard to BPEL, Build.Automate's CEO and Founder, Vaughn Bullard was recently featured in two articles detailing some of the common problems with implementation of BPEL and also an...

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Make Sure Your Social Media Footprint Isn’t Anti-Social

We are surrounded by social media. Everyone is talking about it, living it and breathing it on a daily basis – it doesn’t take a genius to figure that out. It’s easy for us to use and we can transform almost every single life occurrence – whether large or small – into...

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Common Sense: Missing Ingredient In Marketing Campaigns

Were you one of those parents, who, before naming your child, you tried to think of all the things other kids could call your kid based on what rhymed with, or sounded like the suggested name? Or … Are you one of those parents who wished they’d done that … Well, we...

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Make Sure Your Brand Presence Is A Welcome One

What do bored teenagers and blanket web advertising have in common? Don’t worry. This isn’t a bad joke (although I heard one this week about fake noodles that made my kids roar. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the punch line so you’ll have to Google it). The answer to...

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Email Signature: Customer’s First Impression Of Brand

It’s a place most people have decided to make their own by placing quotes, scriptures, cute pictures or statements having to do with politics.  Most businesses don’t have a standard design or format for the email signature, so employees have taken it as their own...

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Rebranding Is A Calculated, Deliberate Decision

Every brand goes through it. When you start a business, you come up with a name, possibly a logo and can’t imagine a more suitable representation for what you do. It serves its purpose and you establish faithful service and brand confidence within your customer base...

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Marketers, Which ‘Breakfast Club’ Character Are You?

Does anyone NOT like ‘The Breakfast Club’? I remember watching it at a slumber party 8 times … no one slept. We just kept watching it over and over again … The too cool group of Emilio Estevez, Molly Ringwald, Judd Nelson, Anthony Michael Hall and Ally Sheedy gave us...

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New Business Tips: How To Make It To Year 5

I was checking my updates on LinkedIn and noticed something that completely took me by surprise.  Apparently I was so pre-occupied with all activities of my business, I didn’t realize Build.Automate, had turned 5.  I am a very details-oriented person so it took me...

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11 Musts For Your Site Launch Checklist

I’ve seen it more times done incorrectly than done correctly in today’s fast and furious market. Money, resources and shortcuts are used to get a website out the door without it being fully ready for prime time. Management often thinks they can launch with a site...

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Business Cliches: Let’s Think Outside The Box

Every industry, organization, team and group is filled with them and making fun is just part of the juvenile reality helping us get through each day.  I mean seriously, we all grow up – but some part of our comic psyche never does leave high school -- especially when...

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Tech, Marketing Training Classes and Seminars Announced

WASHINGTON DC – Emerging technologies and a desire to properly train professionals to utilize the most up-to-date methods has prompted Build.Automate to announce training classes and seminars in four of the most cutting-edge areas of IT and marketing. Build.Automate...

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How a Rainforest Spawned Brand Messaging Insight

The other day, my 10-year-old daughter Sydney asked me to edit an essay she was writing on rainforests. Of course I jumped at the opportunity because … A)     I love to edit B)      I love to edit C)      I love to edit. As she began sending me paragraphs about the...

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To Err Is Human, But To Catch It Is Copy Editing

There are some things that give me great pleasure in this life: A Big Gulp, a good country song and lying by the pool are just a few. But I must admit to finding it extremely satisfying to discover copy editing mistakes and grammatical errors on the evening news, in...

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Winning The Brand Game One Inning At A Time

While watching one of my favorite baseball Kevin Costner movies, a Ray Liotta line struck a chord with me. ‘If you build it, they will come.’ This line from ‘Field of Dreams’ spoken by Shoeless Joe Jackson to wannabe farmer Ray Consella, compelled Ray to mow down one...

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Is Your Brand Strategy Just A Pig Wearing Lipstick?

‘If you put a dress and lipstick on a pig, doesn’t make it pretty. It’s still just a pig on the inside.’ Who would’ve ever thought these words of wisdom would ever make their way into a strategy post? (I promise, it’ll all make sense really soon) … When you’re...

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Dynamic Service Level Agreements

Web service messages in a SOA environment can be measured for compliance to service level agreements. There are many tools and applications out on the market that allow the measurement and enforcement of these types of SLAs, but what happens when you have something...

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Strategy Should Ebb, Flow With Reach And Participation

I just joined a new band this week. Right now there is a fantastically fun dynamic going on between the five of us. You see, three of the band members I have met, but the other wasn’t able to make my audition, so we’ve been getting acquainted over group emails. It...

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Our Trademarked Process And Workflow

We have built systems for thousands of clients over our 12 years in business. We've learned a thing or two on that journey and we're happy to share them here with you.

Our trademarked processes and workflows ensure your systems launch on time and on budget. We are a client-centric technology firm, learning your needs and wants to ensure you are exceedingly happy with the end result.

In-Depth Research

We learn everything there is to know about your business and goals.


We design your systems to be beautiful and future proof.


We build the most operationally perfect systems to meet your business goals.


We manage the launch before and after; not just a simple handover of your website.

Let's Work Together

Have an idea but not sure where to start? Let us know. We can help you shape that idea and get you rolling on it.

The following services are out of scope for our managed WP Pro Support plans. If you don’t see it, call us, we offer a ton of services that can be done once or on a regular schedule.



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