Frequently Asked Questions

And some other not-so frequently asked questions

Is your training facility metro accessible?

Indeed it is. We are a short 4 minute walk, smack dab between the middle of two Tysons Corner metro stations.

Do you offer free parking?

Yes, there are plenty of free parking spaces at our training facility. Prior to your class starting, your instructor will send out a logistics package for your class with information about the schedule, parking, public transportation, etc.

Can I substitute a different course?

Yes, as long as the value of the course is of equal or greater value. Check the cancellations and rescheduling policy for more information.

Are there breaks?

Yes, there are regularly scheduled 10 minute breaks throughout the day. But hey, we’re adults here, if you need a break because you’re getting way too many WordPress super powers shot into your brain, just let your instructor know.

What about food?

We cater breakfast and lunch daily. However, there are PLENTY of food options in the Tysons Corner area. Hey, we even have a few food trucks outside our building that cater to the Tysons Corner business crowd. They’re inexpensive and good!

What's the daily class schedule like?

Make no mistake about it. This training is intense. Like a boot camp/instructor mind dump/mental cornucopia for your brain. We start classes promptly at 8 and end at 4:30. It is an intense fast-paced course but there’s plenty of time to stop and ask questions. There is also a 30 minute lunch and several coffee and stretch breaks.

Can I bring my own lunch?

Absolutely. We even have three fridges where you can store your lunch bag.

Is there coffee?

DEFINITELY. How else are we going to get you alert at 8 in the morning? But there are plenty of other options as well, including tea, water, and sodas.

What can I expect from training?

It’s all in how much you put into it. But we will do our best to create a learning environment that is hands on, fun, and eventful – but it is never boring. We do promise that you will know WAY more about WordPress than you did before you walked into the door.

Does your company accept corporate purchase orders, checks?

Yes. In order to get scheduled for training, please call us at 703.214.0040. We’ll be more than happy to get your training needs squared away.

Do you offer a course completion certificate?

Yes, there’s even a test! We don’t just willy nilly hand out certificates unless you’ve taken the class and we can prove you learned something. After all, what good would we be as instructors if our students weren’t actually learning something? Our instructors even hang around before and after each class if you want to ask more questions.

Do you really know WordPress?

Ummmmmm…kind of…yeah.

Do you provide printed course material during class?

We do, and it looks fantastic!