How to Access My WordPress via FTP

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Hey there, Vaughn Bullard here! In every WordPress site, you’re gonna probably have to access your files via FTP, or File Transfer Protocol. Think of it as a way to get in underneath the file system of your server and allows you to upload and download files without ever having to touch your publicly facing WordPress site.

This is important because while WordPress sites are easy to use, they are not always the fastest Ferraris in the garage. Because of these inefficiencies, it is not favorable to use your WordPress site to upload media such as videos, images and other large content. That’s why we use FTP.

You’re going to need an FTP client in order to do this. There are tons of clients out there for free, trialware and for cost. I won’t tell you which one to use as it depends on your operating system and budget. I am a die-hard Mac fan myself and am quite a fan of my FTP client called Captain FTP. It’s even like 2 or 3 versions behind. HEY! Don’t judge me! I love it!

FTP clients pretty much all work the same. You have to first connect to a remote host, generally the server of your WordPress of your server. You’ll need your remote host name, username and password to connect.

We’re going to connect to my remote demonstration server. Once it is connected, you will see a remote directory and a local directory side by side.

You can then upload and download files to the server or to your computer by simply dragging folders or files in either direction. Here we’re going to go to the wp-content/uploads directory.

We’re going to drag it from our remote server and onto my Desktop directory. It’ll take a little time to think about what it’s gonna do and then it’ll take a few moments to download the files I’ve selected to my Desktop. Now that it’s complete, I can just check out my Desktop and see? The files have downloaded.

TIP: If you have large plugins you want to upload, using FTP this is the best way to do it!

Also, using FTP is a quick and easy way to backup all your files from your WordPress site! Do it and do it quite often.

That’s just how easy it is folks! For more info on doing other cool things with WordPress, check out my other WordPress Lessons on and check out Build.Automate’s innovative WordPress plugins at .

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