How To Reset Password In WordPress

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Hey there, Vaughn Bullard here again!  Passwords, passwords, passwords!  How do I reset mine?  This is so often a searched-after topic that we decided to create a little demonstration video of how to do that here.

We’re gonna go to the WordPress administration pages.  This is done by typing in your url of your blog followed by forward slash wp-admin.  You will be prompted for your administrative username and password. Type that in and press the “Login” button.

So we’re gonna go all the way to the down to the bottom of our administrative menu.  We’re gonna hover over this “Users” menu and up will pop the hover menu and we’re gonna choose “My Profile”.  This will obviously bring up the “My Profile” administrative page.  Now what you’re gonna do is scroll down to the middle of the page to where it is clearly titled “About Yourself”.
Here you will see a label that says “New Password” – Go ahead and type in your password; then tab below to the next field which essentially is prompting you to type in your password again.  Oh yeah, by the way. Password123 is probably not a good password.  Choose something that’s more complex but memorable.

All we’ve gotta do now is scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Update Profile” and your password will be updated.

That’s how easy it is!  For more info on doing other cool things with WordPress, check out my other WordPress Lessons on

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