I’m sitting here at the coffee shop this morning.  I’m just taking a little break to enjoy a very tasty coffee and to listen to some tunes!  Nice to hear “new” music.  I feel so out of touch with the rest of the world because of the whirlwind ride the last 4 months.  A restructuring and realignment is not an easy thing to do!  However, I am definitely excited about the future of Build.Automate.  There are so many new things that are coming for us that I am actually very “giddy”!   I just wanted to say ‘Thank You Very Much’ to the many loyal followers and customers of Build.Automate.  We truly appreciate your support.  Please tell us what you think of the new website!  If you know of anybody that could benefit from Build.Automate please feel free to refer us!  Oh yeah, stay tuned for some really cool things that are just around the bend!  However, stop what you’re doing and take time to smell the coffee.


The following services are out of scope for our managed WP Pro Support plans. If you don’t see it, call us, we offer a ton of services that can be done once or on a regular schedule.



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