You have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn. All very impressive tools for reaching your audience. I have, in fact, used social media in such a way to land contracts, create brand recognition, attract new business, and engage customers in ways that weren’t possible even 15 years ago. This has opened all kinds of ways to improve the customer experience, and just recently, connect politicians and their constituency. There are five basic rules that I have followed that have served me well.


Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should

Social media gives businesses, individuals and politicians the ability to instantly communicate with their customers and constituency. As Peter Parker’s father in SpiderMan once stated, “With great power, comes great responsibility”. Think about it. Does the message you are conveying to the world fall in line with yours or your company’s values, brand positioning, marketing message, or marketing campaigns? If you answer no on any of these, then maybe you should re-think the message going out at all.


Think twice before you post

Before you post something, make sure you have more than one or two eyes reviewing your social media message. Even a 160-character count tweet that turns out bad could blow your business or message completely out of the water. The importance of reviews cannot be overstated. You stand to lose everything you’ve gained in customer goodwill.


Does your message segregate your customer base or attract new customers?

This one is important. If the message you’re sending out is likely to change your customers’ or constituency’s perception of you, your company, brand or marketing message in a negative way, then don’t do it.


Watch your language

Choose language that creates a cohesive message with your customers. Talk in the language of your audience, just don’t get too colloquial; otherwise you might come off as disingenuous and condescending to the reader.


Be Presidential

Be ‘Presidential’, even when you’re not the President of a country.

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