21 Secrets to Running A Successful WordPress Site

After 14 years of building, launching and maintaining world class WordPress sites, we’ve learned a thing or two about running successful sites on WordPress.

If you build it, they will come…


This is the biggest fallacy of the age of the “get an online store and get rich” era. Just because you build an awesome website, it does not mean you will become rich doing it. Successful sites take planning, hard work, ingenuity, and the ability to recognize opportunities when they appear. While no one can guarantee a financial return on investment for their site, we can prepare you for that by giving you these guidelines on running a successful WordPress site; from idea conception, to launch to running it daily.

Learning the Basics Requires Patience

These quick point bulleted points are designed to be short and sweet. These will give you enough info to be on the ground running.

DIY or Custom?

This is a personal preference. Some will build it themselves due to budget constraints or they like getting their hands dirty. However, if you need a custom site done, hiring a professional web design agency is paramount; as they will have the requisite experience to get you to launch. Find an agency that fits your budget and comfort level.

Web Hosting Platform

There are literally thousands of web hosting providers out there. Choosing the right one from the start will ensure that your site has just the right performance, storage, and security to handle hundreds or thousands of users. Choosing a business hosting platform is better than a cheap one. Think quality first.

Domain Name

Many clients ask “Is the right domain name important?” The simple answer is “yes, absolutely”. Choosing the wrong name can have devastating consequences to a brand. Don’t ruin your reputation like Chevy, when it tried to sell their Chevy Nova cars in Latin America-which means “No Go” in Spanish. Just not a good idea.

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Making an Impact Across the Globe

Build.Automate has built successful online businesses from scratch and integrated systems for thousands of companies over the years. We always have our clients’ interests first.

A Leader In The Industry

Build.Automate’s CEO, Vaughn Bullard, is a tech leader. He has participated, authored and contributed to many Internet standards; including:

    • BPEL (Business Process Execution Language) Standard
    • WSDM (Web Services Distributed Management) Standard
    • WSS (Web Services Security) Standard
    • SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) Standard

Why Clients Choose Build.Automate

Every client has different needs, wants, and goals for their business. Some clients need just a new website for their business. However, our clients have a broad range of needs from websites to back office systems. We are a top web design agency with deep back office integration, process, and automation experience.  See the many ways we help our clients succeed.

Our Trademarked Process And Workflow

We have built systems for thousands of clients over our 12 years in business. We've learned a thing or two on that journey and we're happy to share them here with you.

Our trademarked processes and workflows ensure your systems launch on time and on budget. We are a client-centric technology firm, learning your needs and wants to ensure you are exceedingly happy with the end result.

In-Depth Research

We learn everything there is to know about your business and goals.


We design your systems to be beautiful and future proof.


We build the most operationally perfect systems to meet your business goals.


We manage the launch before and after; not just a simple handover of your website.

Let's Work Together

Have an idea but not sure where to start? Let us know. We can help you shape that idea and get you rolling on it.

The following services are out of scope for our managed WP Pro Support plans. If you don’t see it, call us, we offer a ton of services that can be done once or on a regular schedule.



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