WASHINGTON DC – Emerging technologies and a desire to properly train professionals to utilize the most up-to-date methods has prompted Build.Automate to announce training classes and seminars in four of the most cutting-edge areas of IT and marketing.

Build.Automate is a group of IT and marketing professionals specializing in helping businesses succeed through optimization and development of business technology processes and marketing strategies. The addition of classes in Big Data, Cloud Computing, Digital Strategy and Brand Strategy is a natural extension of the company’s core mission.

‘So often, businesses do not understand how to manipulate new technologies to their specific business needs,’ said Vaughn Bullard, CEO and Founder of Build.Automate. ‘Understanding the powerful tools at their disposal is essential to growth and efficient staff and time management — as well as profitability.’

The classes, now open for enrollment, are held in Tyson’s Corner, Virginia, just miles from the Nation’s Capital and Virginia’s Technology Corridor. Each class is taught by industry-leading professionals who have track records of excellence in their respective fields.

‘We aren’t putting individuals who simply have book smarts in front of knowledge-seeking professionals,’ Bullard said. ‘Our instructors are authors on their topics and are thought leaders who successfully practice what they teach on a daily basis.’

Build.Automate’s week-long Big Data course will arm IT professionals with the skills and know-how to implement Big Data and impart knowledge on the variety of technologies comprising these solutions. Students will explore, through hands-on exercises, Big Data structure and will troubleshoot and solve commonly made mistakes.

The 2-day Brand Strategy seminar will instruct on the importance of brand development and why a business should have its own brand identity. Students will also learn how to read their brand’s strengths and weaknesses and how to make their brand stand out among competitors.

The heightened awareness of Cloud Computing has spawned the curricula for this 5-day, intensive study dedicated to help in understanding how this technology can provide organizational benefits. Described in the media as the most powerful form of technology brought into the main stream since the Internet, the correct utilization of Cloud Computing is essential to efficiency and growth of business today.

Build.Automate’s fourth offering is a 2-day course on Digital Strategy. It not only gives the ins and outs of digital strategy as it is defined today, but equips attendees with the knowledge needed to spot emerging trends and benefit from them early on. The course also instructs how to be discerning in resources when it comes to the large array of digital opportunities available. A stand-out element is the section on effective communication between executive management and the strategy team.

For course pricing, one sheets, course outlines, interview requests with Mr. Bullard or instructor credentials, please contact Deanna Murray at +1.866.929.8258 ex.701 or email [email protected]

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