Version 1.7 Coming Friday the 13th

So this Friday the 13th, we will release Version 1.7. Since the first release, we have been working on stability issues and documentation correction. The next version 1.7 will offer the following new features:

Transform Parameters – These will be XSL-runtime parameters. Meaning you will be able to pass an unlimited amount of parameters to the transforms. This will be useful in choosing and sorting specific elements within stylesheets. This will be a much needed and powerful feature.

SQL Query Parameters – Dynamically pass SQL query parameters in your [xdata queryinterface]  shortcode. This is useful for building even more dynamic sites with the XData Toolkit.

Improvements to HTTP Basic Auth – Just some improvements and unknown potential failures that could possibly cause a no response.  Reliability is key here.

Improvements to Stylesheet Generation – There were some unknown things that popped up during the Version 1.6 release that we need to take care of to improve the user experience.

Anyway, I hope that you are enjoying the XData Toolkit.  Feel free to drop suggestions to help us build a better product.

Best Regards,

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