Version 1.8 – New Query Variable API


I’ve been working something crazy lately. Fifteen hours a day can kill one, but when you are enjoying what you are doing, it doesn’t matter. It’s worthwhile, fun and rewarding!

Anyway, this announcement is about the new version 1.8 release of the XData Toolkit. This version has some significant improvements in scalability and extensibility.  In addition, I am introducing the Query Variables Registry API for the XData Toolkit.  Here are some of the features and improvements.

Query Variables Registry and API

The Query Variables Registry allows one to register query variables as URL passable variables.  This allows you to pre-define name/value pairs that can be passed from URL to SQL Query to XSL transformations.   In addition, you can use up to 57 different WordPress available query variables to create more dynamically driven SQL queries and Transform Parameters.

Dynamic SQL Queries

Create dynamically driven SQL queries based on URL-passed parameters.

Dynamic Transform Parameters

Changes were made to the Dynamic Transform Parameter syntax in order to be more consistent with other query variables.

If there are any features lacking or needing more improved functionality, feel free to contact me.


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