Website Summer Camp

Not your typical summer camp! Totally tech, totally fun, totally awesomesauce. Your child will learn how to build websites with WordPress and other software development tools in a team building environment. Your kids will learn collaborative teamwork, new skills preparing them for the future, and the ability to market products and themselves in a fun, inviting, and secure atmosphere.

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Check out these 3 summer camps. Our 2 week summer camps are limited to 24 “Campers” for each summer camp, so get your student signed up now! Our drop-off summer camps work well with your work schedule too!

Check back with us soon for more class openings!

Summer Schedule 2018

Three 10-Day Camps this Summer (Monday - Friday, 8 am - 5pm)

Children are our Inspiration!

We love children! They are a constant source of creative inspiration. They will lead our country in the future, in tech and everything else. We want to be a part of building great leaders! They inspire us to inspire them.


8 - 18

Why Summer Camps for kids?

“I created these courses because I know what the value of a great education is for children. As the father of 8 children myself, from ages 10 – 27, my goal is to make sure mine are well prepared for the future. I am able to use my tech skills to make sure that they have the same skills that have been so successful for me. I want to be able to spread that love for learning and all things tech. It’s not a job for me; it’s a calling.”

Vaughn Bullard

Founder of Build.Automate Inc.


We treat your kid like an adult! No talking down to your kid. This is like an internship in a Silicon Valley company on steroids. Your kid will get real world experience.


What better way to learn team building in the real world than “team building in the real world”? At the beginning of the summer camp, we break out the kids into groups of 4 to create collective e-commerce sites. Students are encouraged to lead with their respective strengths.


Student teams create actual real working e-commerce sites. We try to make this as “real life” as possible!

For all questions related to the WebSite "Summer Camp" program, please do not hesitate to call us at (202) 843-1520.