Why Clients Choose Build.Automate

Every client has different needs, wants, and goals for their business. Some clients need just a new website for their business. However, our clients have a broad range of needs from websites to back office systems. We are a top web design agency with deep back office integration, process, and automation experience.  See the many ways we help our clients succeed.

#1 – Large and Small  Websites

We have designed websites for some of the largest brands globally, and also some of the smallest. Your budget should not to have to limit the possibilities. We can make it work no matter what you have budgeted. 

#2 – We Design Systems for Mobile Platforms, too.

Mobile app development is in our bag too. We can develop Android and iOS apps to connect into not only your website, but also securely to your back office systems. Imagine the possibilities of your customers and clients being able to self-service their accounts from the comfort of their mobile phone. How much money and time can you save as a business enabling your customers? 

#3 – Self Service Enablement.

Enabling your customers to self service their accounts is paramount. Customers should not have to call you to change their billing or shipping addresses; nor should they call in a credit card number to update. Build.Automate can enable you to provide secure self service for your customers. 

#4 – Back Office Integration

When you absolutely need your systems to communicate to other systems externally or internally, call us. This is our bread and butter. We connect your public facing websites with your back office systems including accounting, payroll, project management, calendars, CRM, and HRM systems; fast and securely using our StrongStrike™  Technology and Processes.

#5 – SEO Management

How do successful sites become successful? Strategic SEO management that’s how. Strategic SEO management is many things:

    • Identifying the demand for your products and services; essentially your USP, or Unique Selling Proposition
    • Understanding the competition competing with your business in the search market
    • Optimizing the content of your website so that your business doesn’t get penalized for out of context content
    • Measuring for success, before and after. 

#6 – E-Commerce

Many clients come to Build.Automate because of our continued success launching e-commerce sites, large and small. The complexities of doing it yourself is not necessarily in the wheelhouse of every client. There are many intricacies of launching an e-commerce site. Build.Automate has a very rigorous, defined process for launching e-commerce sites successfully.

#7 – Social Media Management

Yes, we can handle all your social media management; no matter the platform. We can even set up a social media automation process for you that creates a one gold source publish point for your business. No worrying about publishing to 20 different platforms, spending countless hours managing your business voice on different platforms.  

#8 – Automation

You’ve got systems that don’t talk to each other and even if they do, it requires human intervention. Automating these processes is paramount to succeeding in today’s market. We can automate everything including customer relationship management from your public facing website to your back office systems; or to your suppliers and vendors.

#9 – Security

Many clients come to us because they’ve been hacked; either their website or back office systems. Build.Automate can repair your website and your back office systems. We can even engineer a secure VPN cloud with our managed hosting capabilities to move all your back office systems to the cloud, and make it even more secure than your office intranet.

#10 – Systems Modernization

Often times, clients have homegrown systems that haven’t grown as they have grown. They haven’t updated them because of time and resources. However, in order for the client to grow, they need to have all their systems standardized and modernized. Build.Automate can not only modernize your systems, but standardize for the future, creating future growth opportunities designed to increase the bottom line. 

Our Trademarked Process And Workflow

We have built systems for thousands of clients over our 12 years in business. We've learned a thing or two on that journey and we're happy to share them here with you.

Our trademarked processes and workflows ensure your systems launch on time and on budget. We are a client-centric technology firm, learning your needs and wants to ensure you are exceedingly happy with the end result.

In-Depth Research

We learn everything there is to know about your business and goals.


We design your systems to be beautiful and future proof.


We build the most operationally perfect systems to meet your business goals.


We manage the launch before and after; not just a simple handover of your website.

Let's Work Together

Have an idea but not sure where to start? Let us know. We can help you shape that idea and get you rolling on it.

The following services are out of scope for our managed WP Pro Support plans. If you don’t see it, call us, we offer a ton of services that can be done once or on a regular schedule.



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