WordPress Advanced E-Commerce 5 Day Super Course- $1999

    This -day super course is designed to give web designers and developers the skills, tools, and knowledge to implement, develop and maintain a WooCommerce e-commerce site at a fully advanced level. Students learn how to and WooCommerce, customize WooCommerce themes and plugins, perform Search Engine Optimization () and to troubleshoot, in case of problems. The course is a combination of lectures and hands-on exercises that provide practical, real-world experience.

    You Will Learn How To


    Important Course Information


    • Understanding of either Windows or Mac OS X Operating System
    • Foundation working knowledge of WordPress Fundamentals


    Course Outline

    • Lesson 1: Foundations of a WordPress-based
    • Lesson 2: Foundations of a WooCommerce-based website
    • Lesson 3: Installing WooCommerce
    • Lesson 4: Designing Our E-Commerce website
    • Lesson 4: Choosing the right e-commerce theme
    • Lesson 5: Gathering the Necessary Plugins for a Fully Operational Store
    • Lesson 6: Connecting with Payments and Gateways
    • Lesson 7: Tagging and Categorization
    • Lesson 8: Customization of Our E-Commerce theme
    • Lesson 9: Connecting and Configuring Shipping Providers
    • Lesson 10: Customizing the Checkout Process
    • Lesson 11: WooCommerce Store Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Lesson 12: WooCommerce Security 
    • Lesson 13: WooCommerce Products and Orders Maintenance
    • Lesson 14: Customizing My Account Page
    • Lesson 15: Connecting Product Suppliers to Your WooCommerce Site
    • Lesson 16: Troubleshooting Common WooCommerce Problems
    • Lesson 17: Collecting and Configuring Taxes
    • Lesson 18: Exhibiting Our First WooCommerce Site

    All Classes Hosted in Our Washington DC-based Training Center in Tysons Corner, McLean, Vienna, Virginia.

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