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So you’ve downloaded it, played with it a little, and you’re understanding the power of Formidable. You’re starting to understand that although Formidable looks simple to use, that the implications of using such an amazing and powerful tool just might be out of your wanting to customize it yourself. Realizing that you need a skilled developer to handle the development of your site with Formidable in terms of installation, customization, and architecting a secure solution that won’t leave you stranded. That’s where Build.Automate comes in.


Our experience with Formidable is quite extensive. With the advent of Strategy 11’s Formidable API for JSON web services, it’s become even more powerful. It’s like the folks over at Strategy 11 said “Here’s the toolbox with about a thousand power tools; now go build a model house, but oh yeah, you can also build the Taj Mahal with Formidable if you’re so inclined.” It takes extensive experience with WordPress, with the knowledge of the architecture, development, and customization to understand how to develop an amazing solution with Formidable and WordPress.

If you’re interested in how Build.Automate can help, please fill out this small contact form about what you’re trying to accomplish, and we’ll get back to you right away. Or you can call us at 301.799.4105.

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