Are you sure you're backed up?

A plugin doesn't guarantee continuity of business operations.

Just because you install a WordPress backup utility does not guarantee that you’ll be able to get your WordPress site back up and running should something go wrong. Could your site be instantly back up and available if someone hacked your WordPress site? Chances are most people have not even thought about that. At Build.Automate, this is what we do. We make your site instantly available should your WordPress site become completely unavailable, without loss of data or operational capability.

Continuous Peace of Mind

Having a site that is instantly available should your WordPress site suffer some catastrophe is no easy task. It requires thoughtful design consideration and constant monitoring. Do you know if your site would be instantly available should some change be made to your WordPress site makes it completely inoperable?

Build.Automate designs solutions that give clients peace of mind that their WordPress sites will work 24-7, 365.


Solutions Must Have Substantial Return on Investment

When customers and clients can’t trust your system to be reliably available and secure, how can you expect them to do business on your WordPress site? Thinking about how you’ll manage your WordPress system from the start requires a vigilant attention to detail about how your users will interact, how reliable your website is, where data and what kind of data is stored, and protections that you will put in place to secure their private data. When that solution is continuously managed and secure, you will begin to see true Return on Investment.

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