WordPress Security Is a Daily Activity

You don't just set it and forget it!

WordPress Security is a daily activity, requiring diligent management of ongoing active threats. One can’t simply install a firewall or anti-virus plugin and expect security to take care of itself. Hackers don’t rest. Nefarious actors don’t work 9 – 5. The threat is real. The threat is 24-7.  

Build.Automate doesn’t rest either. It is our mission to provide our clients with the most up-to-date security patches, monitoring, and threat management. We do the work so you don’t have to. No worrying about your site being hacked. For what it’s worth, we have to constantly fend off constant security threats as well. We take it seriously.


Because WordPress is so open, it allows hackers and nefarious actors to know all the inside code of WordPress and how to manipulate the open ports, protocols, code hacks, and fallibilities of WordPress. This requires constant vigilance to fend them off.

Build.Automate builds secure WordPress solutions and manages them on a constant basis. That doesn’t mean it can’t ever happen to us either. We work diligently to ensure threats remain neutral.


Solutions Must Have Substantial Return on Investment

When customers and clients can’t trust your system to protect their data, how can you expect them to do business on your WordPress site? Thinking about security from the start requires a vigilant attention to detail about how your users will interact, where data and what kind of data is stored, and protections that you will put in place to secure that data. When that solution is continuously secure, you will begin to see true Return on Investment.

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