WordPress Site Development

Because User Experience Matters Most

Developing WordPress sites that are business functional requires more than a contact page and some product or services pages. Everything comes into play when it comes to potential clients reaching your page, and then actually becoming paying customers.

Form and function are equally dependent upon each other to give clients a user experience that matters to them. Attracting more clients requires thoughtful consideration to fonts, colors, design elements, and user interaction. Keeping them there requires a little bit more rocket science, magic, and vigorous attention to the small details.


How a client navigates through your site. How a client interacts with form elements on your pages. Do your clients abandon their shopping carts at an abnormal rate? Do your clients wait for pages to load? Do your clients have problems navigating through your site? All of these questions must be addressed to improve user experience, increase the return on your investment, and to grow.


Solutions Must Have Substantial Return on Investment

Careful consideration to user experience will most assuredly guarantee return on investment. However, just because you build it, doesn’t mean they will come. That’s why Build Automate creates solutions that not only draw people to your website, but keeps them there. We even manage your WordPress site and marketing campaigns after launch. We want to ensure that we deliver solutions that have provable return on investment.

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